Meek Mill has responded to Drake’s “Charged Up” rebuttal, taking to Twitter saying, “Baby lotion soft… I can tell he wrote that 1 tho.”

If you’re not familiar, Meek Mill aired out Drake for supposedly not writing his verse on “R.I.C.O.,” sending the entire Hip Hop community in a rye. Shortly after the Twitter rant, audio leaked of another rapper saying Drake’s verse on “10 Bands.”


That said rapper goes by the name of Quentin Miller (above, second right) and he is denying being Drake’s ghostwriter. He starts by recounting the moment he and Drake first crossed paths in winter 2014. “I was just another guy working a job he hated with a passion for music. And somehow found myself on the phone with One of my idols,” he wrote. “I told him I worked in a bakery and his exact words were, ‘Fuck that, your destined for greatness.’”

He goes on to describe in detail how Drake is a talented songwriter who freestyled the song “Madonna” in one take. He calls Meek’s description of him as a ghostwriter as misleading. “I remember him Showing me the thank you notes in NY before the album dropped.. Showing me the QM, telling me they put me on the credits (Ghostwritter???).”

He concludes with another flat-out refusal of the term. “I am not and never will be a ‘ghostwriter’ for Drake,” he said. “I’m proud to say that we’ve collaborated, but I could never take credit for anything other than the few songs we worked on together.”

Earlier in the week, Drake’s longtime producer Noah “40” Shebib also denied Meek’s claim, writing, “Don’t ever question my brother’s pen.”

Now the question is — why did Meek say Drake doesn’t write his raps. Is there some unknown jealousy between the two? Speak on it Meek… We’re here for it.



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