Robin Thicke Reveals He Hasn’t Seen His Estranged Wife Paula In Several Months During Hot 97 Interview



Robin Thicke and Paula Patton shocked the world when they announced that they would be separating after being together for over 20 years. With rumors swirling about Robin’s infidelity, drinking problem, and continuous inappropriate behavior within the year, the shock value died and turned into a huge pity party. That pity party was in honor of Robin, who since announcing the separation, has been begging for her forgiveness, releasing songs, and he even dedicated an entire album to his wife in an effort to get her back!

That album is now officially in stores and now it’s up to Paula to make her move. But has she heard it yet? Robin sat down with with Ebro, Rosenberg and the Hot 97 Morning Show, and answered all the questions you may want to know yesterday morning.

During the interview, Robin revealed that he hasn’t seen Paula since his birthday, more than four months ago. He details that it’s been hard but that creating the album has been therapy in his quest to reflect on his relationship and become a better man. He also puts an end to speculation that his success from last year and cheating are what caused the split, and he says although the album was dedicated to her, he doesn’t think that Paula wants to hear any of it. At least not right now.

Robin is very candid about his separation from Paula, and makes it clear that he was the one who destroyed the relationship. He sternly puts down the rumors he cheated, but does reiterate that he’s done a lot of things to mess up in their marriage.

I’m a man and I messed up and I had to lie for a while and then I stopped lying. That was actually good for me because I was tired of lying so this whole album is me revealing everything.

I think the only thing different with this album is, it’s never her fault. In real life, relationships aren’t like that, but in this point of our relationship, the only reason we’re not together is because of choices I made.

I knew exactly what I had. It’s not that simple. After 20 years, it didn’t work for 20 years because it wasn’t right. It was right, but sometimes people grow apart. You don’t build love in a day and you don’t lose it in a day.

It’s definitely hard to watch a grown man go through such a heart-aching experience so publicly. Audience members even said Robin cried on stage during his performance at the BET Awards, which had everyone deeply concerned. Is Robin going over the deep end because of this split?

Let’s hope for the best.. In the meantime, check out the full interview segment below:

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