Big Sean & Naya Rivera

This is so sad. I had hopes that Holly-hood couple Big Sean & actress Naya Rivera would get married and live together all happy. Too bad it’s been officially confirmed that the engagement & wedding are OFF, and status of the relationship is pending.

After only 6 months of dating, Detroit rapper Big Sean proposed to “Glee” TV star Naya Rivera but now fast forward – the couple has called off their wedding and engagement after a whirlwind year together. Star magazine broke the story where Big Sean admits to the end of the engagment and also admitting that he was just not ready for marriage just yet, and it didn’t help the matters when the magazine quoted he CHEATED.

But when you speak to reps at Big Sean’s camp, they say these stories are all false:

After careful thought and much consideration, Sean has made the difficult decision to call the wedding off,” his rep tells Us. “The recent rumors and accusations reported by so called or fake sources are simply untrue. Sean wishes Naya nothing but the best and it is still his hope that they can continue to work through their issues privately. We will not be commenting again on this matter.

Naya often spoke during interviews about her relationship and future with Big Sean, and it’s clear to say she was quite hopeful. In an interview with Cosmopolitan Latina, she had this to say about Big Sean as a husband & father:

I think he’s going to be an amazing husband, and he’ll make a great father someday. He’s so kind to people, but he also wears the pants in our relationship, which I love..

It sucks to hear this news. Especially the part about Sean supposedly cheating. Like damn bruh!

Relationships are tough though, and usually even tougher when you don’t know your partner that well. Only 6 months of dating… is that enough time to determine a wife or husband?w Not to mention, Big Sean has been touring overseas for a bulk of the time the couple has been engaged.

It sounds like they made need a little more time to get to know each other and figure out if forever is really something they both want.

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