After releasing the exciting news that Prince of the South & rapper Scrappy had proposed to reality star, booty model Shay Johnson, there is now opposing statements from the couple.

Shay continues to rep for Scrappy and promote that they are indeed a couple, of some sort. She posted a link to her page that led to an outside site where pictures are seen of Scrappy and Shay together at Uptown magazine’s PROJECT13 day of change event. At the event, the two united on the red carpet, posted for pictures, and were inseparable throughout the night even with Erica in attendance, who showed up without Scrappy and without the engagement ring.

Towards the end of the event, Shay was crowned “Princess of the South” by Momma Dee (Queen of the South). Now they’re an official “royal” couple.

Scrappy took to his Twitter page to say that he was single and not seeing anyone whereas Shay is continuing to promote the relationship and engagement. Shay and ex fiancee, Erica shared a few words subliminally to each other via Twitter as well and there was a report that they supposedly got into a real life cat fight outside of an ATL nail salon. (See below for tweets.)

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Scrappy saying that he’s single, and Shay is saying that they are a couple. These opposing statements simply make it hard to decide, are they really a couple or still, just friends?

And with all the female drama going on, why would Scrappy want to be apart of it? You can’t take your ex’s side because your current girl will be mad, and vice versa. He’s made it a point on VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” that he doesn’t care for all the drama between the women because he’s never right in the end, no matter who’s side he’s on.

Do y’all think all this drama be the reason why he’s retracting the engagement? Comment below.


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