That’s what everyone is screaming on social media after stripper-turned businesswoman Blac Chyna aired out her ex-fiancee & baby father, rapper Tyga the other day. The what seems like a never-ending love triangle between Blac Chyna, Tyga & 17-year old Kylie Jenner has only been getting more & more interesting over the past few weeks with Kylie & Chyna going back to back over the California rapper. When Chyna wanted to reminisce about her old thing by posting a picture of her & Tyga’s matching iced out Audemar watches, Kylie retorts with a similar iced out Audemar watch, most likely gifted from Tyga. If Kylie posts a picture of her Cartier bracelet & says “Currently,” Chyna retorts a sexy photo captioned “Permanently,” — like little girl, please. I’m here to STAY.

The most recent trolling came from Chyna when social media users worldwide attempted Kylie’s lip plumping methods to achieve the audacious pout Kylie Jenner is now by rocking. Chyna totally stole the show when she posted a selfie rocking a pair of massive pair of wax lips, which she also advertised would be on sale on her 88fin website.

This is where things got real shotty for Tyga. The 25-year-old rapper decided to stick his head in between the catty fight tweeting:

Chyna saw the obvious subliminal tweet and clearly decided it’s enough of the nice girl outine. Taking two screenshots of text message conversations between herself and “King’s Father,” Chyna showcases the desperation Tyga displays, begging for his family and saying “I want to be with you.”  

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Don’t throw stones when you’re living in a glass house people.. We’ll keep you updated if we hear a response from Tyga or Kylie on the obvious lies Tyga is feeding to both these girls.

On the other hand, Chyna looks completely un-bothered as she sports a tiny bikini like, “Who You Loving? Who You Wanna Be Huggin?”


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