Soulja Boy


So.. Soulja Boy likes to crash million dollar Bentleys.

Last year September the Atlanta rapper was accused of crashing his Bentley into another car. The lawsuit details state that Soulja Boy cause vehical damage, medical and other financial damages, and defamation. Now, nine months later Soulja is in the middle of another car accident but fled the scene this time, according to police records. reports that Soulja Boy’s luxury car was photographed by police hidden cameras on January 9th crashing into a motorcycle due to neglience. As the motorcyclist was down and unable to see the driver, Soulja Boy continued to drive off and leave the scene of the accident.

A few days later the motorcyclist returned to the same area as the accident asking patrons if anyone saw or knew who was driving the candy red Bentley coupe that collided with his motorcycle. When questioned, a valet staff member at the Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles nearby told reported that Soulja was a “regular in the area”.

After given that drop of information, the motorcyclists contacted the police and together they ran the plate numbers from the photographs taken, and indeed it was a match.¬†After a search warrant was obtained, Soulja’s car was impounded. There is no word yet of a trial.¬†


Shame on you Soulja for fleeing the scene. What if the motorcyclist was injured, or died a painful death? Comment below on this story.



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