It may not be news to you, but it will be when I say it.
So apparently, famed comedian Katt Williams has lost ALL of the marbles that he has ever had. The “Pimp Chronicles” and “Friday After Next” comedian that everyone has grown to love is officially on white coat watch. Lately he has been getting himself into so many pickles that the act has grown too sour. Get it? Okay. See for yourself the spectacle he has made of himself:

Adding fuel to the fire, Williams has gotten himself into a SLEW of legal troubles in Seattle. In comes Marion “Suge” Knight Jr to save the day
Suge Knight is notoriously known for “helping” artists, only leading to their ultimate demise/death. He has been widely blamed for the deaths of Lisa “LeftEye” Lopes and Tupac “2Pac” Shakur and this is why he is referred to as The Soul Collector. This is the beginning of the end to Katt Williams’ career if he does not find a way out of this crack induced downward spiral (allegedly). Well actually, it is the end of his comedic career:
Pray for him y’all. 


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