Lauryn Hill Tax Sentencing

The legendary Ms. Lauryn Hill, was seen leaving court two days ago for alleged tax issues that has found herself in a very weird situation. Hill has seemingly landed herself a record contract with Sony Recordings.  With this pending deal her lawyer was able to jargon her way into a later court date which would take place May 6th allowing her time to hopefully gather a large portion of her debt which totals almost $968,000 in back taxes.  After her recent plea of guilty she is facing some serious prison time.  With the hopes of this pending record deal she will hopefully only face probation if able to take a $650,000 loan.  I say don’t do it Lauryn, I’ve heard these record companies are filled with sharks and I would hate to see one of the Queens of rap become a slave to the record industry.  From everybody here at #MLRS we pray for you.

People get away with murder, robbery, rape, and so many other horrifying crimes but I haven’t heard of too many people getting away with tax evasion. Just Saying… What do you guys think? @bogaurd


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