“The Finisher” Mr. Cee Claims he’s “not gay”


Following Friday’s (May 3rd) arrest, for “The Finisher” DJ Mister Cee appeared on HOT 97’s morning show earlier today to speak out on the incident he believes was “a sting operation.” While speaking with program director Ebro Darden, the radio personality was quick to strike down rumors made in regards to his sexuality.

Hot 97’s DJ Mister Cee took to the airwaves this morning to address his newest arrest for solicitation of a prostitute. And while reports state it was a male prostitute Cee approached, the legendary DJ is denying it all. And for the second time, he’s blaming cops & media for lying.

Cee’s story about the prostitute actually being a female, plus his admission of having “problems with desiring prostitutes,” inside….

We weren’t sure how DJ Mister Cee was going to talk his way out of this one. But he damn sure tried this morning.

In an “interview” with Hot 97’s Ebro (who is the programming director but likes to get in on the drama whenever he can) a little over an hour ago, Cee talked (and talked and talked) about what REALLY went down Thursday night/Friday morning that led to his arrest.

He admits to loving strippers and prostitutes due to a long time personal issue that started with an ex girlfriend over a decade ago (yeah, he tried it), but he was reluctant to admit to having an actual addiction to prostitutes.

And since this is the second PUBLIC time (third total) he’s been arrested for allegedly soliciting a MALE prostitute, you would think he would simply fess up to being a gay man. Instead, just like back in 2011, Cee said the cops and media lied. He says the undercover cop was a female Latina. And it’s all a conspiracy to keep her identity protected (yup, he tried it again).

Here’s the highlights of Cee exposing himself in true addict form–he’s got an explanation for everything and it’s “all a conspiracy.” Even his Hot 97 fam sounded doubtful of his explanations and begged him to simply be free and be himself because they would love him either way.

On why these male prostitution/solicitation stories keep coming out

Shout out to the 83rd precinct in BK. They took care of me and what I’m going to say is not a reflection on all police. But the police’s job is to build a case against me. And it’s my job to build a case for myself.

In 2011, I pleaded guilty tot he prostitution case (which a male prostitute was also named with pictures in the ACTUAL police report) because it was too much money to keep going back and forth. And also because I have a family–both my family and my Hot 97 family and I didn’t want to put y’all through the mud. Not because I like men, but because of all the court procedures I didn’t want to go through.

But on the three occasions I’ve been arrested on solicitation charges, only one has been said to be a man. Where are the other names? And have y’all stopped to think about where that person is now? There’s something to that.

On why he was even in the place (Madison & Broadway in BK) KNOWN to be crawling with transgendered prostitutes
Yes, I do like prostitutes. I have engaged a lot with prostitutes in my life many times. Same with strippers. I’ve tricked on them many times. But I happened to be in the area on Thursday. It was a beautiful day for me. Everything that had happened around this time in 2011, I didn’t feel like my Hot 97 fam had my back. There were people telling me I shouldn’t be on that Summer Jam stage. But on Thursday, I was in a great mood. So it just so happened I was in that area after leaving a party. I didn’t know that corner is where prostitutes hung out.

On his account of what happened that night

I was leaving an after work party nearby and I remembered I needed to call somebody I said I would call earlier. I pulled over to call, and it was on the corner of Madison and Broadway, and I was approached by a female Latina undercover officer (who he claims was NOT scantily clad and was dressed regularly). So I rolled down the window.



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