The next generation of gaming has arrived..


The Playstation 4 (set to be debut May 21st) by Sony is said to lure in the “core gamers.” Sony will focus on the games and push exclusive content attract this audience.  This console will be the one for users who prefer playing video games more than using apps such as Netflix and Hulu. Sony has also created a cross-play function where PS Vita owners can use the device to play with the PS4 with cloud-based games. Some games will also allow the PS4 to be controlled by the Vita, similar to the Wii U’s touch-controller.

Microsoft Xbox One is said to be the next all-in-one entertainment system. The company plans to use the next Xbox to fully target the living room as the perfect home entertainment system, linking smartphone, Kinect, PC, and TV together in a seamless fusion of connectivity. The console will connect all your devices seamlessly and, more importantly, with relative ease, would be a great device for the modern living room. On top of the complete connectivity, Microsoft has substantially upgraded the Kinect and the “Illumiroom”. (See video below)

What’s the difference between the two systems? What will persuade a consumer to buy the new PS4 over the new Xbox?

When it comes down to the hardware, the Playstation 4 is rumored to be the stronger but when it comes to content and marketing, the Xbox will be the best seller. Both consoles have similar functions when discussing non-gaming actions, but Microsoft has the stronger marketing team and always up-sells their product. Sony has tons of exclusive content that unfortunately they’ve done a bad job at marketing over the years. And after watching the Xbox Reveal last night – the Xbox One’s marketing team is stellar and the introduction to the product was seamless and completely won over the consumer in me.

Until the debut of both consoles, consumers will just have to continue to make opinionated conclusions on which system will be better for their use.


Which system do y’all think will be better? Comment below.


Info via Forbes.com 

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