17 year old Trayvon Martin was fatally shot dead by Florida resident George Zimmerman on a rainy night in Feburary 2012. Since the murder, there has been a loud uproar from the African American community & others about the cruelty against young Black men and society’s nasty perception that they are all killers.

The night of Trayvon’s death, he was walking to his father’s home carrying an Iced Tea bottle, a bag of Skittles, and wearing a hoodie that triggered the thought of “danger” in Zimmerman’s mind. Days after Trayvon’s death, thousands of supporters fought back against the injustice & police by wearing hoodies to represent Trayvon and other young Black men who fell and lost their lives. Trayvon’s gray hoodie has become symbolic of a case that has sparked fervent debate about racial profiling, self-defense laws, and the extent to which liberalized gun-access laws invite unnecessary violence.

Almost a year later, the trial is in session and so much information has come to light about both men.

George Zimmerman is a 28 year old Hispanic, neighborhood watch coordinator of the gated community in which he lived and the murder occurred. While driving towards his home, Zimmerman spotted Martin walking in the neighborhood with his hoodie on. Zimmerman called 911 and reported that Trayvon “looked up to no good walking aimlessly in the rain… he looks like he’s on drugs or something”. Zimmerman got out of his car, and off the phone with the authorities and took the situation into his own hands.

In this time, Trayvon was having a phone conversation with a friend who reports that Trayvon was paranoid when he noticed Zimmerman was following him. His friend hears him question why Zimmerman is following him, and then later the friend hears a thud & Trayvon screaming “Get off me! Get off me” before the phone suddenly cuts off.

Zimmerman told police that Trayvon attacked him and that he was only defending himself and trying to protect the community from a “fiend”. He tried to paint Trayvon as a violent thug and now that there have been numerous reports, the exact nature of that particular night are becoming easier to see.

Zimmerman made over 50 nonemergency 911 calls to the local police over some eight years, and those calls will now be deciphered by the jury. Of these 50 calls, five will be played in the court to give the jury a better idea of who George Zimmerman really is: a standby hero or a mad killer.

With the trial in it’s third week, the court has seen and heard many testimony from characters on each side of Zimmerman and the late Martin.

Witnesses say that they heard a young boy calling out for help and not a voice of a mature, older man. And prosecutors say that the 911 calls show Zimmerman to be a “zealous, angry, and ill will” character. “He shot [Tryavon] for the worst of all reasons: because he wanted to,” prosecutor John Guy said.

Zimmerman supporters are trying everything in their power to label Trayvon as the monster in this situation. Using his social media as an example, they labeled Trayvon as a weed-smoker, martial arts lover, and rowdy teenager who had a fascination with guns. The judge however will not be using his social media as any evidence as they are “immaterial”.

Zimmerman has claimed that he got out of his car to check his location when Trayvon attacked him, broke his nose, and then began to beat his head against the sidewalk. He has said he didn’t realize Trayvon was a minor, and wasn’t sure if Trayvon was armed. He has also said Trayvon said, “You are going to die tonight” before wrestling for Zimmerman’s gun. Zimmerman says he got to the gun first, and fired a single bullet into Trayvon’s chest.

Trayvon is long gone and is never coming back. His death brought so much attention to a world full of madness and evil. There has to be more than murders, hate, and racial profiling between each other! Trayvon was a young man who had passions & dreams just like Zimmerman who was hoping to become a police officer after he graduated from the academy. All those passions & dreams are long gone just like Trayvon. R.I.P.

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