Notorious for his mysterious air and demeanor – singer The Weeknd is like a musical symbol more than a person. He does not take pictures, sign autographs, make barely any appearances outside of his concerts, and never talks outside of his music. Until now..

Complex magazine lands one of the first Q&A interview sessions with The Weeknd. The Weeknd has not done interviews since his rise to mainstream success and a major label contract with Universal Republic Records.

On the cusp of releasing his Kiss Land studio debut next month, the 23-year-old calls him boring and admitted he thought he had nothing to talk about.

The Weeknd has broken this mystery behind himself as his label is pressuring him to promote his releases through more press. “[2012’s] Trilogy was a re-release, but [Universal Republic Records] still said, ‘Maybe you should do some interviews.’ Honestly, I want to do interviews now because it’s one thing that I haven’t mastered.” He continued, pointing to several of his inspirations. “Even Prince did interviews. Michael [Jackson] did interviews. And I can tell in the interviews they’re uncomfortable. Why are they doing this? Because they feel like they have to do it to be a complete artist. I felt like this was my time.”

While The Weeknd is challenging his comfort zones, Complex pressed if his veil of silence was deliberate. “Yes and no.. In the beginning, I was very insecure. I hated how I looked in pictures. I just f-cking hated this sh-t, like – crop me out of this picture right now. I was very camera-shy. People like hot girls, so I put my music to hot girls and it just became a trend. The whole ‘enigmatic artist’ thing, I just ran with it. No one could find pictures of me. It reminded me of some villain sh-t. But you can’t escape the Internet. There are super-fans, and I was really testing their patience. At the end of the day you can’t deny the music. That was my whole thing: I’m going to let the music speak for itself.”

Although the Weekend may think he’s the “most boring person to talk to”, fans worldwide have eaten up this mystery pie he’s been serving and think he’s the most brilliant musician out there. I’m sure we’re all glad he’s breaking out of his shell.

His second album “Kiss Land” is scheduled for a July 27th store release.

[via Complex.]

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