Molly Reference

We all know someone who is either smoking marijuana, popping a molly, drinking “lean”, or using some type of drug for recreational purposes. A- Trak had a friend who overdosed and died (DJ AM) from drug usage and A- Trak thought there should be an in depth conversation with rappers on their drug use in their rap as a point of concern. Trinidad James was the name mentioned during A-Trak’s interview with the Huffington Post for his lyrics in his certified gold track “All Gold Everything”.

In response, held another interview that focused on drug use and drug discussion in Hip Hop.

Trinidad James says that drug use is a personal choice, as is the aftermath of any potential drug use. “I’m my own man, and I have my own reasons for why I do anything,” James says to XXL. “But I respect where [A-Trak is] coming from, because when someone like him starts that conversation, it’s going to influence somebody. I have a strong mind, but people are going to read his thoughts, and hopefully his message reaches a kid or an adult who doesn’t have a strong mind so they won’t even waste their time with drugs because if they do they’ll end up being an addict and dying. I feel like people who die from drugs are just weak-minded.”


Further into the interview, James also says that regardless of whether or not someone has ever done drugs they should be able to discuss the topic and not come to judge but to listen. “Every one of those people’s opinions isn’t necessarily wrong, it’s just their outlook on it. To say that they’re wrong? Not necessarily. Because at the end of the day, doing drugs is not right.. Doing drugs is not right.”


Glad to see that rappers are conscious of their music and their lyrical content but A-Trak cannot put the blame on all drug use in Rap as solely Trinidad James’ fault as he just got into the music business. There’s artists that have come before him and paved the way such as Lil’ Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg, etc. James says he smokes weed and knows to  “.. Watch the energy that I put out in the world. I try to put a positive energy out in the world, but my music is still real and it has its ratchet moments. But at the end of the day, it’s about how you take it. You can’t blame Trinidad for nothing. Nothing.”


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