Walter Hampton (seen above) is better known for his opinionated, social media commentaries and “tell all” stories on Black Gay men. Hampton uses his Facebook and YouTube pages as a platform to express his personal feelings, as well as sharing the stories of others who, according to Hampton himself, have disclosed very intimate details (i.e. HIV/AIDS infections, depression, and “status” or kind of celebrity.

There are many critics and haters that do not support Walter’s social media because they believe he is doing nothing more than spreading gossip and  airing out a person’s life, whether it be secret or not. Although Walter has his fans as well, the haters had a chance to sound off when he was recently attacked and posted photographic evidence on his Facebook. (Seen below)


Speculations are that Walter Hampton was attacked – sliced across his arm & face for outing Tyler Perry just a few days ago.

Walter claims that Tyler Perry is a dear friend and has been so for years. When first meeting Tyler, Hampton describes him as an extremely “flamboyant gay man” but as his fame grew in the industry, he became more and more closeted because he didn’t want to lose popularity in the gospel & Black church community.

There are no confirmations on who attacked Walter or why, but no one should be violently hurt in this way and hopefully Walter has a speedy recovery.

Do y’all believe Walter’s story on Tyler Perry’s sexual status? Did Tyler put a “hit” out on Hampton in revenge? Let’s hear your comments.

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