Vibe sells thier soul?


Yesterday, April 25, 2013, it was announced that Vibe Magazine and its affiliated sites, and would be sold to SpinMedia.  Vibe has been a leading outlet for hip hop and its culture for roughly 20 sum-odd years.  With the purchase, it seems as though Chief Executive, Steve Hanson and SpinMedia will proceed to making Vibe an online only publication.  Mr. Hanson hinted that the magazines print stations will be closed down in hopes to find a more economical print model in the age of technology.  Steve also had this to say during the press conference

“Vibe has been an industry leader in the urban and hip-hop category for decades.” He added, “It’s really exciting to add this to SpinMedia’s collection of music properties and bring more digital DNA to the team and see what they can do.”

Hopefully they can continue and advance on Quincy Jone’s idea of publishing for the masses of what hip hop is and will become in the future.

On Behalf of #MLRS we hope Vibe continues its success in the forward progress of hip hop.






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