A$AP Rocky is in the news again this week & it’s not for anything good.

Sometime last week at a concert in Australia, as the A$AP rapper walks past fans amid his performance, fans are reaching and trying anything just to interact with him. A female fan, as seen in the video below, taps A$AP Rocky on the head and blows him a kiss. The immediate reaction should have been a blush or maybe even a kiss back for the adoring fan but instead A$AP Rocky slapped the fan in & mocked her about it afterwards.

Not only does he slap her, but he points and mocks her as she stands there looking utterly confused. This is not the first time A$AP Rocky has had a bad occurrence with fans during his concerts. Last month during a concert in Germany, a fan stole his limited edition Supreme cap which upset the rapper that the culprit wouldn’t honor his wishes & return the cap. A$AP ended the concert immediately. I guess this kid just makes his own rules but then again, he’s still young & wild. That’s what kids are about nowadays.

Take a look at the incident below:

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