In case you missed it, on last week’s episode of Catfish, a young woman named Keyonna thought that she was in an online relationship with rapper Bow Wow. It all started after she liked what was supposed to be a fan page of his, and sent a message to him to which he supposedly responded. The two began exchanging text messages and phone calls, and the alleged Bow Wow even sent her $10,000 for shopping! However, Keyonna became suspicious when she could never get him on Skype or arrange to see him in person. With help from MTV’s Catfish & Nev, it was eventually revealed that the guy she was talking to wasn’t Bow Wow at all, and was actually an Atlanta residing woman named “Dee Pimpin.” Dee Pimpin’ is a lesbian, and aspiring rapper, who’d been fooling women into believing she was a man — even going as far as using a strap-on dildo to make up for what she lacked.

On a less creepy sexual note.. BET helped arrange for Keyonna to meet Bow Wow for the first time on last night’s airing of 106 & Park, and as soon as she hit the stage, she was gifted with flowers from Bow, who told her:

We done flew you in. Got your hair done, makeup done. That’s how you are supposed to treat a lady.

After Keyonna told Bow Wow how much she’s loved him since she was nine years old, he asked her why she was convinced that she was talking to him online, and she told them that although she was skeptical, the fake “Bow Wow” started sending her money in the mail. (Gold digger alert.)

After Bow & Keyonna got their special moment in, Dee Pimpin’ made her grand entrance to the stage, and reunited with Keyonna. Needless to say, it was an awkward situation from the start but check out the video below:

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