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Last night’s episode of “Catfish” was the craziest sh-t I ever seen! But if you missed it, check out some deets below:

So.. Down in North Carolina, Keyaunna has been carrying on an internet relationship with someone who she thinks is Shad Moss, aka rapper Bow Wow. Since Keyaunna is Bow’s biggest fan, she left her phone number on his fan page hoping he’d just magically send her a text or call. When “Bow Wow” called her up, Keyaunna was so shocked but thrilled, thus began their romantic relationship. Keyaunna and “Bow Wow” spoke daily with romantic messages, and constant phone calls. Craziest part of the story is when “Bow Wow” sent a $10,000 money order to Keyaunna as a gift to go shopping.

Keyaunna became skeptical when “Bow Wow” was never available to Skype or meet up because he was so “busy”. (Um well.. duh! Isn’t Bow Wow a busy celebrity?)

After a text exchange with Nev (host & creator of the popular MTV show) telling whoever was on the other line that they don’t believe he is Bow Wow, the response: “You’re right. This isn’t Bow Wow. This is Shad Moss. I’m taping “106 and Park” so I’ll call u back.” (LOL)

Fast forward to Nev doing his private investigator work.. Viewers learn that through deep online research & roundabout phone calls, the number is not Bow Wow’s number and the assistant’s name “Bow Wow” gave isn’t correct. And they also find out the phone number belongs to someone in Atlanta. When Nev, Keyaunna, & dozens of cameras arrive at the home where the number originated from, Bow Wow did not walk out those doors..

“Dee Pimpin”– a woman — is the person impersonating Bow Wow. She claims to be a musician but there’s no music anywhere online, and her name rings no bells. Dee Pimpin’ said the reason why she doesn’t post her music online is because “people will steal it.” Jokes to say the least.. girl, nobody knows you.

To top it off, there’s no knowledge or documentation on how she exactly got that $10,000 to send via money order.. SUSPICIOUS.

Bow Wow’s response to all this? He says nobody can impersonate him or his pretty eyes. And he invited both Keyaunna and “Dee Pimpin” on to “106 & Park” for mediation.

Peep all the madness below:

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