Late last week, Dame Dash’s appearance on The Breakfast Club turned the Roc-A-Fella cofounder into a trending topic on Twitter in part due to his heated conversation with the show’s cohosts DJ Envy and Charlamagne Tha God. Specifically, a question from DJ Envy about how Dame met Jay Z set the former record executive OFF and led to Dash shutting down any future questions about Hov.

In the latest edition of his The Brilliant Idiots podcast with “Guy Code” co-star Andrew Schulz, The Breakfast Club co-host reacted to Dame’s appearance and some of the ‘philosophy’ he shared on the show.

“Dame wasn’t hostile,” Charlamagne said. “Fredro [Starr] was hostile. Dame was what I expected him to be.”

Offering his take on what Dash was trying to accomplish during the interview, Charlamagne eventually offered that the serial entrepreneur is actually a “culture vulture.”

“When I watch back the interview, you see so many flaws in his argument, and you realize how dangerous the rhetoric was … If you’re a bussinessman, a boss like you say, it’s very dangerous to not show any respect for your customers. When you say things like, ‘There’s no pride in having a job.’ You’re shitting on your employees and you’re shitting on the everyday consumer who’s driving in their car saying, ‘I’ll never go into his son’s restaurant. I’m never gon’ buy his son’s cookies. I’m not buying Damon Dash’s fucking movie ’cause he don’t give a fuck about me.’ And in a lot of ways that makes you a culture vulture. What is a culture vulture? A culture vulture they say is a white guy who’s not of Hip Hop who is the head of these companies who in some people’s minds doesn’t care about the culture, they’re just profiting off of it. So if you don’t give a fuck about the consumer, if you don’t give a fuck about the regular, everyday person with a nine-to-five job, you look down on them, they don’t have no pride in themselves, then you’re just making money off of them. In a lot of ways you’re a fucking culture vulture. You don’t respect them, you don’t respect what they do. You just wanna make money off of them.”

Wonder what Dame has to say in retort to Charlamagne’s comments. Hmm…