Chris Brown has been through hell and back over the course of not just his career, but his life in general. If anyone’s got a story to tell, it’s certainly him.

The “X” singer recently stopped by Ebro In The Morning on HOT 97 this week, and they did a very in-depth interview with him, talking about just about any and everything from his past drug usage, ending the beef with Drake, and his on-and-off-again relationships with current girlfriend Karrueche and ex Rihanna.

On battling with drugs:

“I was off the syrup, the Xanax….that’s the hood cocktail. I was falling asleep on video sets, I was cussing people out randomly. I was doing crazy stuff. I would wake up and be like ‘aye man, what time we shooting this video?’ And they would be like ‘dude we shot it yesterday.’ I be like ‘Damn!’
He then realized, “This ain’t for me. As time progressed I was like let me chill out. I don’t want to be a zombie when I meet people. Or say the wrong thing, or end up punching somebody or doing something crazy…like I did…because I was under the influence of some bull.”

On his girlfriend Karrueche being loyal:

“It’s been almost 5 years. She’s straight. I dig her man. She’s dope. I feel like, especially being in this industry, you just need somebody that understands you. Who understands who you are personally except for your name. Me and her have a real connection, like best friends on top of our intimacy.”

Brown also opened up about possibly having children soon… with Kae! Talk about a transition from a bad time to a happy future. Check out the rest of the interview below:


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