Keep calm Ye’!

Just days after Kardashian hubby Lamar Odom vandalized a paparazzi’s equipment after they asked him if he was cheating on Khloe, Kanye has had an equally crazy run in with the paps.  This time around a TMZ camerman rolled up on Yeezy as he arrived at LAX airport and just as he started showering Kanye with kind words about his music, Kanye got annoyed real quick.

Yeezy cut him off mid sentence and told him not to talk to him again.  The guy still pressed his luck and it almost got real ugly when Kanye lunged at the camera.  Considering the video hit the web, we can assume the camera guy got away in one piece.

This isn’t the first time TMZ has tried Kanye in an airport. Back in 2008 at LAX, Kanye got so angry with a TMZ photographer that he smashed his equipment and was later arrested. Watch the exchange below:

Reporter: What’s up Yeezus, I’m a big fan bruh. I love your work.

Kanye: I appreciate it, but don’t talk.

Reporter: I love your work—

Kanye: I don’t want — that’s fine. But don’t talk to me. I don’t want to hear paparazzi talk to me or anybody I know.

Reporter: I’m a reporter!

Kanye: I know, but don’t talk to me at all. And don’t talk to anyone I know. And tell everybody never talk to anyone that anyone knows, don’t talk to themselves…don’t talk ever again!

Reporter: What about The Throne 2 with Jay-Z—

Kanye: *turns around and lunges at the camera* I said don’t talk!

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