Back in 2009, Kanye West caused a major controversy by taking the spotlight away from Taylor Swift as she came up to give her acceptance speech for an MTV Video Music Award. Who could forget that infamous Henny-influenced rant at the VMA’s?

Shortly after that incident, for some odd reason the press was so curious as to what President Barack Obama had to say on the rant. Obama was caught in a candid moment calling West a “jackass” for his actions.

During an interview on Philadelphia’s Hot 107.9, Kanye addressed the comment saying that, “That was kind of my position in culture, that he also used that too, like ‘Oh, he’s a jackass,’ and stuff like that, because that’s how the world felt,” said ‘Ye. “But I don’t care if somebody the President or not. I care about thoughts, and how you helpin’ people, and what you bring to the world. My music brings joy to people. What I create brings joy to people, and I’m about people. Me, I’m not about me. I’m about, ‘I got an idea that people gonna like.'”

Kanye also addressed remarks by Obama where the POTUS criticized a “change in culture” that includes children “monitoring every day what Kim Kardashian was wearing, or where Kanye West was going on vacation.

“I think he shouldn’t mention my baby mama name,” said Kanye, before adding, “because we both from Chicago.”

Ultimately, Kanye put a complete stop to the topic saying “I’m not gonna mention him [Obama] no more,” he said. “I’m past that. That’s out my thoughts. That’s lower on my priority of thinking at this point.”

Catch the entire interview below:

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