FINALLY!! Rapper French Montana and reality TV star Khloe Kardashian are officially confirming the relationship we all knew about months ago!

French and big booty Khloe joined Angie Martinez at Power 105.1 for their first ever interview together — as a “thing.” The two spilled some details on how they met, and what it’s like to be in this relationship also among other things – and it got juicy!

For starters, French credits Diddy as the culprit behind their love connection.

“Khloe cool as hell, man. It was Puff. Puff was the one that put us together. I was like Puff –I forgot how it went … It was me, Gabby, Ross, Puff, Meek. Everybody was in the studio. Scott [Disick, Kourtney’s boyfriend] was there. Scott was drunk. I was, ‘like I got a party tomorrow’ and everybody was like, ‘we all coming.’ She [Khloe Kardashian] was like ‘Hell yeah, I wanna go.’ Next day Puff was like ‘hit her’ to come to the party. We end up not going to the party. We just end up chillin’. But nah, she cool peoples. We rockin’.”

Now after some months into their relationship, French Montana who is an actively practicing Muslim is observing the holy holiday Ramadan for the rest of this month and he is fasting — that means absolutely no eating until sunset, no sex, no smoking and no drinking.

How ironic that boo Khloe is also participating in the fasting, revealing that she’s suffering from especially the no sex part.

“No sex. [It’s] so fun [said sarcastically]. That’s why he’s wearing all white. He’s so pure and holy. … He’s virginal.[Laughs] .. I have been [torturing him]. Every single day. Torture.”

Khloe Kardashian made it clear that she doesn’t care what others have to say about her hanging out with French. She stood up for her new man!

“People are gonna comment no matter what. If I dated the most clean cut perfect guy, they’re gonna comment. That’s just the way it is. If I’m having fun and if I like this kid, no one else should care, they’re not f****g him. [Laughs] Our maybe they are, I don’t know.“ French Montana reacted with his signature “haaaaaaaaaaa.”

In the full interview, French discusses recording with Kanye West, appearing on “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” Bobby Shmurda having a southern flow, getting TMZ coverage and more.

Check it out below:

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