Lamar Odom

The Kardashian forefront has been eerily quiet since the birth of Kim Kardashian & Kanye West’ baby girl last month. With no Kimmy to follow & harass, the paparazzi has targeted another extension of the family – the marriage of Lamar Odom & baby sister Kardashian, Khloe.

There’s been several rumors that Lamar Odom has been cheating on Khloe since their sudden marriage in 2009. Yesterday the rumor spilled out that the affair was true and the stripper mistress had spoken to the media, leaking intimate details of the basketball star. It was also said that since the information leaked, Khloe was so embarassed and hurt that she threw Lamar out the house & their marriage was on the rocks!

That rumor tore up LA, and the streets were flooded with paparazzi! When Lamar was out running errands yesterday, he was stalked by one pap who just wouldn’t give Lamar his privacy. According to Splash News, (being the nice guy that he is) Lamar spoke to the paps & asked the guys to talk to him man-to-man, one-on-one, & to put the cameras down. The paps continued to snap photos which angered Lamar. Awkwardly enough, Lamar kept very calm throughout the ordeal.

TMZ footage (below) shows him banging one photographer’s car with a metal rod before walking to another photographer’s car and grabbing all of his camera equipment out of the backseat and slamming it to the ground. The funniest thing about the attack is no one stopped him! He even had time to spare to take with an endearing fan that passed by.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, Khloe says her relationship is stronger than ever and she loves her hubby, despite the rumors.  She also came to his defense after the incident by going hard in the paint on the paps.  She wrote: “F– the papz!!!!! You f–king losers!!!!! But shout out to my hubby for posing with the fans! I love my Lam! This becomes stalking at some point!!!!! Its wild!!!! #F-ckThePaps. This is the same pap that did a hit and run but my brother and I caught him and he has the nerve to taunt us!!! Be ashamed of your self. Wow can’t believe a paparazzi snuck into our gated area and violated our private property!!!!”

Terrible that they can’t live their lives regularly without being stalked. Nothing wrong with a few pictures, but personal space people! I bet these paps will try to press charges too so this nice guy will finish last.

*Sidebar* Still no statement or comment on the cheating part though.. nobody caught that?



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