Ain’t no security ova heh bih, for real!! (LMAO) Rapper Plies got his ass dropped off during his own concert last night in his home state of Florida.

So here’s what went down — Late Friday night Plies was performing at the Coliseum Tallahassee, about 5.5 hours north of his home city of Ft. Meyer, Florida. A fan, who ended up not necessarily being a fan at all, made his way on to the stage while Plies was performing. Not only does the fan make it on the stage but NO ONE, not one security stops him.

The ‘fan’ continued on stage to straight bear hug Plies. Plies screams into the mic telling dude to back up and yet security still did not intervene. All of a sudden, Plies yells out “Color Money,” and the “fan” again bear hugs Plies but continues to body slams Plies off the stage backwards and directly into the crowd.

A violent melee erupted once both of them were on the ground with plenty people throwing punches left & right. Check out the two different angles of what went down below:

Plies Slammed at Concert…#plies #suplexSaturdays

A video posted by @cuzzin_d on

…another angle. #plies #suplexSaturdays

A video posted by @cuzzin_d on

While Plies never lost his hat, he (and others) seemed to have gotten in more than a few punches. Because the culprit decided to do a post-fight video where his face is looking a hot mess.

The man explained why he attacked Plies. And while we can only understand barely every other word out his mouth, it sounds like he WAS a fan until Plies said something he didn’t like during the performance. (These fans is something else boy.)

Check it below: