First of all — We all love Kanye West. Whether it be for his awesome contribution to music, fashion, or his overall honesty, we all have to admit that Kanye does a lot of talking, sometimes making little to no sense. But he’s Kanye!! LOL

We say this to bring you into Ye’s latest interview with SHOWstudio. Mr. West sat down with the show’s editor to answer an array of questions submitted by fans & some of his peers. The discussion however did focus on his opinion on fashion, creativity and art, along with his contribution to those subjects.

Below you will find some of the most interesting statements made by Kanye during the 1-hour long interview:

– his biggest contribution to creativity is him fighting for creative people not being bullied by the companies;
– his biggest contribution to music is fighting for the union of backpack rap and the major labels;
– it’s the artists responsibility to deliver honest art;
– he defines himself with creative genius because people would call him, “celebrity, nigger and rapper,” with none of them carrying a positive meaning;
– the highest art form is fashion;
– he was not making a political statement with Yeezy Season 2;
– he doesn’t have a name for his son just yet;
– being a family man changed the way he raps;
Yeezus and 808s & Heartbreak where better albums than My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, the latter is more of an apology project to his fans;
– he will end up being one of the greatest designers in the history of fashion;
– he has never experienced self-doubt; – the Kardashian Klan and Kanye’s music family are more powerful than any media outlet;
– he is absolutely running for President in 2020 and that he has been talking about it for years;
– on SWISH: he changed the name from So Help Me God, because he felt like he put too much pressure on his shoulders;
– he plans on releasing the “Cruel Summer” movie to the general public, but didn’t reveal any details;
– his last meal would be some of Kim Kardashian’s home cooked chicken

Check out SHOWstudio’s interview with Kanye West below, where he sits down with the channel’s editor Lou Stoppard, and answers various questions submitted by friends, celebrities and fans worldwide:


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