Dame Dash visited Power 105.1 The Breakfast Club Friday morning (March 13th) and made quite the interesting interview with his lessons on what it means to be a MAN.

Dame Dash, Murda Mook, and OG Daniel sat with the Breakfast Club for more than an hour discussing an array of topics.

Firstly, Dame came to promote his latest film, “Loisaidas”, a gritty tale that Dash directed and co-executive produced with Kanye West. However, Dame dove into a rant about being a “Boss”, stressing to DJ Envy that he should feel less of a man that he works for someone else and that he [Dame] doesn’t work for anyone and he never has. (This sentiment remained a reoccurring theme throughout the entire interview.)

The exchange between Dash and the hosts escalated when Envy asked Dame how he met Jay Z. Tired of answering the familiar question and speaking about Jay Z, Dash launched a tirade against the hosts.

“No more Jay Z questions,” he said. “I answered them all.”

Dash tells Envy, Charlamagne and Yee that he does not listen to their show. Mainly because he doesn’t wake up early enough and he doesn’t have a 9-to-5 job. (Disrespectful much!)

Later in the interview, Dash offers to hire Envy and berates Charlamagne tha God for being too womanly, talking too much, and basing his career on being “gossipy”.

The story behind Murda Mook’s battle with Drake is brought up in conversation and Dash rationalizes Drake’s decision not to spar with Mook at the moment. He compares the contest to Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s upcoming match, but says Mook needs to become Pacquiao before battle rapping against Drake will truly be worthwhile for both parties.

Overall — this interview with Dame was a mouthful. Check it out below.




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