Wale has unveiled three covers for his forthcoming project, The Album About Nothing.

The first features artwork by Sue Tsai, the artist that infamously created the painting for Wale’s “Bad” song. Within the pic, there are two sets of footsteps, which symbolize Wale and Jerry Seinfeld, walking along a dirt path towards the moon. The imprints belong to Air Jordan sneakers. Wale’s wearing the Air Jordan 4’s, while Jerry is wearing the Air Jordan 6’s, the same shoes he wore on the Complex magazine cover.


The second cover was created by Good Bully, another go-to artist for Wale. Jerry and Wale stand side-by-side on the front of this cover, donning the same sneakers from the first. The graffiti in the background represents each of the song titles on The Album About Nothing.


The third cover¬†depicts an animated Wale, sitting at a diner, perhaps the famous Seinfeld diner, alone. He is looking across the table as if someone else should be there.¬†The self-proclaimed ambassador of the nation’s capital unveiled the album art via his e-mail list serve for fans, saying “This third cover was all my idea. This is essentially what the album is to Me, a moment of clarity and a moment of expression.”

“This cover is me staring blankly into nowhere,” Wale explained. “Jerry is not there, he’s in my mind. This album is of Jerry speaking as my conscious. The evil voice and the positive voice, he is both of them. Maybe I’m talking to myself. Maybe I’ve lost my mind. There lies a story. My story.”


Wale also released the full track list for the fans so check out the 14-track below.

1. “The Intro About Nothing”
2. “The Helium Balloon”
3. “The White Shoes”
4. “The Pessimist”
5. “The Middle Finger”
6. “The One Time In Houston”
7. “The Girls On Drugs”
8. “The God Smile”
9. “The Need To Know”
10. “The Success”
11. “The Glass Egg”
12. “The Bloom (Ambitious Girls 3)”
13. “The Matrimony”
14. “The Body”

Wale’s album “The Album About Nothing” is due out March 31st .