Welcome home to down south rapper Lil’ Boosie as he’s recently been released from prison after serving time for drug charges.

Boosie was released from a Louisiana State Penitentiary yesterday, March 5, according to TMZ. A penitentiary rep said Boosie will be on parole until 2018 so he better stay far from trouble.

A press conference is set to take place March 10 for Boosie, who was incarcerated due to drug charges. Invitations for this press conference include an Atlantic Records logo. What he’ll be discussing at this press conference is yet to be announced.

“He will absolutely be there,” an Atlantic Records representative said to the media. “He’ll be speaking to the press for the first time … after his release.”

Despite the logo being included in the press conference invitations, an Atlantic Records rep would not confirm or deny Boosie’s signing to the label.

“(Lil Boosie) is actually going to be clearing all that stuff up for everybody there, so I’m going to let him relay that information,” the representative said, as per NOLA.

Boosie was sent to prison in 2009 after pleading guilty to a marijuana possession charge, which was the rapper’s third offense. He received four years of incarceration. In 2011, Boosie pleaded guilty to attempting to smuggle drugs into prison and was given eight more years on his sentence.

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