This has got to be the most heartbreaking and chilling story to hit the news in a while, and it’s so sad how things have just continued to get worse in the case of the late Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown’s only child, 21-year-old Bobbi Kristina.

This past weekend reports hit the media that the only child of the musical superstars was found face down in her bathtub by her husband, Nick Gordon, and a friend at her Georgia townshouse. Witnesses tried to resuscitate her, and when paramedics arrived to the scene they were able to revive her.


Bobbi Kristina was taken to the hospital and is now reportedly breathing with the support of a ventilator, according to father Bobby Brown. Although paramedics did get her to breathe and open her eyes, reports obtained from the medical staff say that Bobbi has “significantly diminished” brain function. Doctors are encouraging her family to continue praying, but so far, the signs are definitely not good.

It is yet to be determined if Bobbi Kristina had any drugs in her system, considering her mother’s infamous death.

Bobby Brown, father to the 21-year-old, released an official statement shedding light on the situation. The ex-husband of the late Whitney Houston confirmed the reports yes Bobbi Kristina had suffered an incident over the weekend and has been moved into a hospital BUT she had been moved to another Atlanta-area hospital for added privacy.

“Privacy is requested in this matter. Please allow for my family to deal with this matter and give my daughter the love and support she needs at this time.”

“The report that Bobbi Kristina Brown has been taken to the hospital in Atlanta, Georgia is accurate. No additional information will be forthcoming.”

Although reports say things do appear bleak for the young woman, just as her family and friends are doing, we must keep her recovery in our prayers.

If any updates arise, Watch This will keep you updated.


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